• It has been snowing 3 days here in Vancouver.  It was so cold outside, but I do love this cold fresh air.
  • My February was filled with both joy and sadness, endings and new beginnings.
  • This year I didn’t have much Chinese New Year celebration, only had a New Year’s Eve family dinner at home.  We stepped into the Year of Rabbit after enjoying my mom’s great dishes, and receiving our first “lai see” (red pocket, as a new blessing) of the year.
  • My lovely goddaughter turned 1 year old this month!  I wish I could see her and give her a hug.
  • Just finished the proofreading project today.  It has been 23 months, and it was a very special season to me.  I thank God for all the inspiration and revelation that He has given me through this project.  The messages in the contents of the work are overwhelming.  Many times I was touched by the messages.  It was not just a freelance project, but also turned out like a spiritual journey to me.  God’s plan and timing are always perfect. 
  • I also thank God for giving me the opportunity to work with my friend in this project, she is a dear sister to me, and very talented, it was a good experience working with her. 
  • It’s time for some reading and writing in the coming months.
  • My favourite teacher in Hong Kong just passed away.  She was my high school class teacher in Form 1 (Grade 7).  I was very sad and could hardly believe it when I heard the news.  I hope she is smiling in Heaven now, and knowing how much her students are missing and appreciating her, for she has been a wonderful teacher and friend to us.
  • One of my old classmates comforted me not to be too sad, and reminded me the blessing of having God in our lives.  I agree this is the greatest joy and comfort in our lives.  God is my hope and strength to live.
  • Have to make a new diet and exercise plan.  Doctors said I need to do more exercise, and still need to gain some more weight.
  • High calories food and drinks are my favourites now.  Let me know if you have tried any good ones!
  • Always appreciate prayers for my health.  Thanks so much!

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  1. Thanks for the update. You are on our partners’ list since we met you. We are praying for you daily. If you have specific health needs let me know, for now i pray that God will boombazer you with His warmth and His health… :)
    Queenie Says:
    Amen, Orith!! :) Thank you so much for all your loving care and prayers! You and Willie are great blessings to many others! May God Himself reward you abundantly!!

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